Designed for you

What comes to your mind when you think of a kitchen? Do grimy images with unpleasant working conditions flash before you? Think no more! The Godrej Interio Modular Kitchens are here to forever change the way you look at kitchens. An Indian woman spends a good part of her time in the kitchen. It's where she prepares a meal for the entire family. More than just spices and ingredients, she adds love and warmth to her cooking. We, at Godrej Interio respect and appreciate this aspect. And that's the key reason for having the Indian woman in mind when we created our modular kitchen range. Her working habits, cooking style and the ergonomics-everything was taken into consideration before we even started with the design.

Godrej Interio offers modular steel kitchens that are tailor-made for thte Indian style of cooking. With a variety of accessories and designs to choose from, these kitchens offer style and convenience, which makes your cooking experience hassle-free & fun. his consists of 3 fundamental and basic workstations i.e. the sink, refrigerator and the cooking hob/range. The triangle is measured from the center of the sink to the top of refrigerator to the center of the cook top or cooking range.