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India is unique in another respect. Indian towns and cities are rising skywards. More and more high rise buildings are coming up. These tall structures require strong windows that can withstand high velocity winds and rains that spear in at a 45- degree angle. Unlike the trend in other countries, window preferences in India vary from region to region and city to city. Conventional slider and casement windows are popular in the south. In the North, combinations of fixed, casement and slider windows in large sizes have found a large following. Across India, green buildings are the new architectural norm. These require special "green" windows that meet international specifications in manufacture and performance. All these factors have propelled Spectrum towards the frontiers of window technology and innovation.

Our Company is a manufacturer of specialty sheet glass for use in architecture, fine arts, hobby-craft, lighting and other applications. We produce over 450 glass products, including Waterglass, Baroque, Artíque, Iridescent Glass, multi-color mixes and textured colors. As the world’s leading manufacturer of these specialty sheet glasses, we are committed to operate our facilities in many ways.