Designed for you

A good wardrobe design will bring order, everything in just the right place and the right place for everything inside the wardrobe space. Imagine being able to have your wardrobe design built for your bedroom. Or having the kids wardrobe built to your specifications to hold not just their clothes but have places to store their toys. A common feature was to base future size on the eight small men method. A considered good size double wardrobe would thus be able to hold within its capacity, eight small men. Durable, attractive wardrobe design, with features and accessories that will complement any room whatever the style.

Our lead designer can design your new wardrobe to blend into your existing room. We can design and renovate your wardrobe to fit into the style and feel of your existing room while still providing functionality, simplifying and organising your wardrobe storage needs.

The wardrobe was originally the place in which the king's robes were placed for safe keeping, and where cash was held from which personal expenses might be paid.